太鼓さん大次郎2 1.1.6 (Mod)

太鼓さん大次郎2 1.1.6 (Mod)

10.0 (5085)Games, Music

MOD Information of 太鼓さん大次郎2

App Name 太鼓さん大次郎2
Package Name com.daijiro.taiko2
Version 1.1.6
Rating 10.0 ( 5085 )
Size 14.5 MB
Requirement Android 4.2+
Updated 2019-04-19
Installs 500,000+
Category Games, Music

Description: 太鼓さん大次郎2 Mod Apk (unlimited money/coins) download


















 ・太鼓の音をSound PoolかOpenSLかどちらで再生させるかをオプションで追加(以前はSoundPoolのみ)
  曲タイトル,,フォント名,x,y,(未使用),フォントサイズ,文字太さ,縁太さ,縁色 r,縁色 g,縁色 b,縁色 a
It is an application that can play the tja file of software for PC “Taiko’s Jiro 2”.

★★★! ! Caution! ! ★★★
Since the music data is not included in the app, please put it in the body storage or SD card on your own.
If there is no music data can not Toko to play.

To which I am writing at the review I’m sorry people eye is not able to reply without is passed,.
Demand is through the sure eye and enjoy e-mail.

· Android terminal can not be tested with all for many. We’re sorry terminals that do not start, we will consider it as non-compliant.

– “thick ○’s small ○ wax” TJA file OFFSET changes might not read or shift song or garbled.
Task killer, such as in when you start to remove the background of the task may be stable.
· TJA file, the inquiry of how to obtain the skin does not have to answer at all. Please note.

■ Inserting a song

· The first time you start in the root folder of the main storage or SD card is “TJA” folder will be created.

– Create a genre folder in the “TJA” folder, please put the TJA file in it.

If you do not the · genre.ini to the genre folder or in the folder, the genre will be “Unclassified”.

If you like high scores can not be written in the · android4.4 later,
Added to that recording place in the setting. Please choose a package where.

■ Turning on the skin

Skin is compatible with the skin data of “Taiko’s Jiro 2”. (Not implemented in part)
※ The skin data of not 2 “drum’s Jiro” does not correspond

· Load the theme / default / default.csv.

– Since the operation depending on the model and skin data is that there is heavy, please be careful.

■ genre.ini of contents (not recognized as a genre folder as this file is not)
GenreName = genre name
GenreColor = # 66cc66
FontColor = # ffffff

Help → http: //chaos3.iruka.us/daijiro_help/ja/

└ genre A
└ song A.tja
└ song A.ogg
└ genre B
└ song B.tja
└ song B.ogg
└ song C.tja
└ song C.ogg

■ Changes from the drum’s Daijiro
· Song corresponding delay of so as to eliminate as much as possible (also disadvantages load time is generated)
– elapsed time and synchronize the notes (ON / OFF option because the elapsed time is not exactly take)
– drum’s Fixed had become heavier and use the skin with Daijiro (I had to bug found somewhere in the version)
– music branch corresponding
– Add the sound of the drum or at the option to play in either Sound Pool or OpenSL (formerly SoundPool only)
· SCOREMODE corresponding
· Default, automatic calculation of the SCOREINIT and SCOREDIFF
– Dododon corresponding
– Taiko’s Daijiro Fixed internal storage had become no longer be able to find it
Only note near the judgment of the note, also note of the judgment or in front of the GOOD range was to determine whether the two types to choose so.
     (Should it ish near the drum’s Jiro, TJAPlayer the latter ish. Which is the correct answer!?)
Aspect ratio 16: option added to 9
– less than android4.2 is non-compliant
Modified to allow or change the image of the drum
       Write a cvs of the theme, as described below, TAIKO_1 ~ 4 is large, extra large, medium, small,
# PARTS, TAIKO_1, img / taiko01.png
# PARTS, TAIKO_2, img / taiko02.png
# PARTS, TAIKO_3, img / taiko03.png
# PARTS, TAIKO_4, img / taiko04.png
Modify font to be able to change the (theme thing of the file will be reflected .ttf only)
– the width of the font of the border and Fixed color has not been reflected in
      # FONT, SONGSELECT_SONGTITLE, img / taikofont.ttf ,,,, 30,2,2,0,0,0,160
      # FONT, SONGTITLE, img / taikofont.ttf ,, 368,, 46,2,4
      # FONT, RESULT_SONGTITLE, img / taikofont.ttf, 640,70,, 43,2,4
• Screen Rotation
Modified to allow, character alignment set of
Song title ,, font name, x, y, (unused), font size, character thickness, EnFutoshi of, edge color r, edge color g, edge color b, edge color a
Use it because it was vacant place called unused ↑
      Nothing None: as ever
      1: Right
      2: Left
      3: Centered
Example) Right in the result
      # FONT, RESULT_SONGTITLE, img / taikofont.ttf, 1220,38,1,43,2,4
Skin instruction extensions
Extended instruction because it is not Jiro 2 of the drawing order
Below MTAIKO the drawing order of the RUNNER
Under the order of drawing of the gauge than NOTE
Above the MTAIKO the order of drawing of COURSESYMBOL
The display of the BALLOON_COMBO to every 100 combo
· Small bug fixes