Animals Word Games for kids 10 years free spelling 1.0.3 (Mod)

Animals Word Games for kids 10 years free spelling 1.0.3 (Mod)

MOD Information of Animals Word Games for kids 10 years free spelling

App Name Animals Word Games for kids 10 years free spelling
Package Name
Version 1.0.3
Size 92.8 MB
Requirement Android 4.4+
Updated 2020-06-11
Installs 10+
Category Games, Word

Description: Animals Word Games for kids 10 years free spelling Mod Apk (unlimited money/coins) download

Animal World Scramble is a set of free English word games for kids from 5 to 10 years old to play and learn spelling through animals.

Discover the amazing animal world with this interactive app, which includes a catalogue with over 200 REAL animals and two educational games: “Animal World Scramble” and “Quiz Animals”. Animal World has been designed for people of all ages.

With Animal World you will have the chance to know the names and sounds of over 200 animals in a fun and a dynamic way. Our catalogue has been divided into several animal categories and we have developed two educational games.

You will discover animal species that you don’t even know they existed!

All the contents of Animal World are available in three languages: Spanish, English and French.

Animal World Catalogue

Our interactive catalogue comprises over 200 pictures and 120 real animal sounds, with their respective names. Animals are classified into 15 categories and divided into typologies and habitats.

Types of animals

🐶 Domestic animals: Cat, dog…
🐷 Mammals: Quokka, meerkat, koala…
🦅 Birds: Duck, seagull, sparrow…
🐠 Fishes: Pufferfish, shark, piranha…
🐍 Reptiles: Crocodile, gecko, turtle…
🐸 Amphibians: Toad, tree frog…


🐔 Farm animals: Rooster, cow, donkey…
🦎 Jungle animals: Chimpanzee, sloth, red eyed frog…
🐧 Artic animals: Penguin, whale, polar bear…
🦔 Forest animals: Wolf, deer, bear, fox…
🦇 Nocturnal animals: Hedgehog, owl, mouse…
🐫 Desert animals: Camel, rattlesnake, dromedary…
🦆 River and swamp animals: Castor, otter, axolotl…
🐟 Marine animals: Tuna, eels, giant turtle…
🐘 Savannah animals: Lion, giraffe, leopard,


😻 Baby animals: Kitten, puppy, chick…

This classification allows kids to learn how to distinguish different types of animals and to identify them according to their habitat. Moreover, they will be able to hear their sounds.

The catalogue is suitable for toddlers aged two years and above, but it has not been designed only for them. Do you dare to see if you know it all about animals?

Educational games

These games are a learning resource for people of all ages above five. You can play alone, with friends, or with your family. To this end, two game modes have been created: Animal World Scramble and Quiz Animals.

Animal World Scramble

The word game is based in ordering letters displayed at the bottom of the screen in order to form the name of the animal in the picture. You will have to drag each letter to the corresponding box. In each game you will have three wild cards that will help you move on to the next animal.

The more animal names you complete within the shortest possible time, the more points you will score!

Animal World Scramble comprises four levels of difficulty: beginner, medium, hard, and extreme. This makes it suitable for all ages.

Beginner level

It has been designed for toddlers learning to read and write. In order to complete the name of the animal, the player will have to select and drag to its box only the initial letter. He will have to choose among three initials displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Medium level

It is designed for older children since they will have to complete the animal name by moving the vowels.

Hard level

On this level, the complete name of the animal will have to be written by ordering the letters displayed in the minimum of time.

Extreme level

The same rationale of the hard level applies. However, if you make a mistake you will lose time. Yes, it is harder than it first appears!

Quiz Animals

In this game mode, four pictures of different animals will be displayed. Then, a name will be shown, and a sound will be played. You will have to select the picture of the correct animal.
Added levels in animal world scramble, now the difficulty increases progressively