Siren Head Game: Horror Hospital  (Mod) 3.3

Siren Head Game: Horror Hospital (Mod) 3.3

MOD Information of Siren Head Game: Horror Hospital

App Name Siren Head Game: Horror Hospital
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Rating ( 662 )
Installs 100,000+
Category Adventure, Games

Description: Siren Head Game: Horror Hospital Mod Apk (unlimited money/coins) download

This is an escape game, you and your friend find yourself stranded in a Horror Haunted Hospital, and get trapped, now escape to gain freedom from scary Siren Head in this scary creepy games. As u are passing by a scary hospital, you hear a girl crying for help. find a key and enter the hospital to help that girl from scp Siren head in this scary creepy games. When you enter the Haunted Hospital, siren head knocks you out. Now you are locked in a room, find an axe to break the door and get out from scary creepy games haunted hospital.

Now you hear a girl scream “Help!” Run upstairs in a room where a girl is tied up by the scp scary Siren Head. Find a cutter and untie the girl from Horror Haunted Hospital room in this Scary Siren Head game. The girl tells you about her friend who is locked in another room and siren head has the key of that room. Now search for an injection from the pharmacy of the Horror Haunted Hospital. Find siren head and inject a drug in him. Take the key from the unconscious siren head and find her friend in this scary creepy games. Unlock the door and rescue the friend. Then you notice smoke coming out of the scary hospital room. Run towards the room and see another girl in the room crying “Save me please!” Look for a fire extinguisher and extinguish the fire before Siren Head comes. A person is tied to operation table, go to him and find a cutter, pick it up and free him from Horror scary Hospital in this scary creepy games.

You are told about chest of coins in the emergency of the scary hospital. All of them go to the emergency and see siren head is guarding outside the emergency. Find a bottle and throw it at a place shown with marker, so that siren head goes there. Now go inside and find them chest of coins, pick it and go outside to escape from Horror scary Hospital , when u exit door, siren head is standing in front of you, Run and find a wooden rod, pick it up and find matches, pick them up and light it up, throw on siren head to kill it in this scary creepy games.

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Siren Head Game: Horror Haunted Hospital Features:
• Easy and smooth Controls.
• Realistic Haunted Hospital
• High-quality Siren Head characters
• Stunning 3D graphics.
• Addictive game play

Let’s see how if u can survive in “Siren Head Game: Horror Haunted Hospital”: Enjoy the most anticipated Siren Head Game of 2020!

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