The Chest: A Cursed Hero – Idle RPG  (Mod) v1.0.2

The Chest: A Cursed Hero – Idle RPG (Mod) v1.0.2

MOD Information of The Chest: A Cursed Hero - Idle RPG

App Name The Chest: A Cursed Hero - Idle RPG
Package Name com.superplanet.boxhero

Description: The Chest: A Cursed Hero - Idle RPG Mod Apk (unlimited money/coins) download

So, You Mean This Box is My Hero?

A hero who became a chest with a witch’s curse!
In the lonely adventure of a chest in search of a witch to dispel the curse, the witch, Ellin, is with you as a companion!
Will the chest be able to become human again?

▣ Idle RPG without control ▣
See the battle unfold with simple controls anytime, anywhere!

■ Enjoy easy and simple with automatic play, automatic hunting, and automatic farming!
■ Earn gold and items constantly even offline!

▣ Hyper Boost! Unstoppable Super-Power Growth▣
Help your own chest get stronger and watch it change!

■ Enhance your stats with explosively increasing gold and defeat a powerful enemy in one shot!
■ Become stronger by improving your stats thanks to legendary equipment and accessories!
■ Card collection that gives you special abilities by collecting cards that fit a given mission!

▣World map: make monsters and dragons your allies ▣
Strategic play that turns the strongest enemy into a companion! Build a powerful team with capturing and taming!

■ Purify contaminated minerals in the vast world map and explore the world!
■ Catch powerful wild monsters by installing traps and tame them as companions!
■ Make the fearsome dragon your ally and have more power!

Any reason to wait any longer?
Join the adventure of the Chest with the cute companion Ellin.
The Chest!

MOD id: com.superplanet.boxhero